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Colombia El Vergel

Colombia El Vergel


Run by Elias and Shady Bayter and their mother Martha, El Vergel is a 400 hectare farm located in Fresno, Tolima. The farm is separated into multiple smaller plots at different altitudes, each planted with different varietals including Caturra, Bourbon, Java and Gesha.

This lot is a Red Bourbon varietal that is named after their mother Martha. The cherries are harvested at peak ripeness before being fermented in an anaerobic environment inside steel tanks for 60 hours. After fermentation the coffee is sun dried for 35 days and then drying is finished mechanically. The coffee is then stored in grain pro bags for 2 months.


Natural Anaerobic Process


This coffee was processed through an anaerobic controled temperature fermentation for 48 to 60 hours taking close control to the ph levels, followed by an intermittent drying process of a series of stalls in different moisture levels to enhance complexity, and finished in silos to obtain accurate moisture of the beans and then stabilized for 45 day to homogenize the beans and promote complexity to the profile

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