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Ethiopia Buno Bobea

Ethiopia Buno Bobea


Bobea Uke processing site serves roughly 1200 small holder coffee farmers in Woreda Odo Shakiso, Western Guji. Elevation at the site is roughly 2000 meters above sea level, and the farms they buy cherry from range from 1850 to 2250 meters above sea level. Each lot they produce is made up of coffee from hundreds of different farmers in the region, most with only a few hundred coffee trees or less.  Bobea coffee station is a privately run operation and they only produce dry process coffees at this time. Dry processing is the oldest processing method and involves drying the coffee bean and cherry whole.


Buno Bobea offers exotic fruit flavors, with syrupy sweetness, and flavor profiles of mixed fruit juice, berry, mango, stone fruit accents of dried apricot and peach along with moderate brightness.

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