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Ethiopia Shantawene

Ethiopia Shantawene


Fruits flavors are heavy handed in the cup, showing notes of strawberry jam, berry juice, stone fruits, fruity natural wines, and berry-like acidity that manages to cut through the complex flavors.

This coffee comes from a privately owned farm and processing site near Shantawene Village, tucked away in the Bombe mountains of Ethiopia's Sidama growing region. This lot is a mix of coffees harvested from their own farm and outgrowers around Shantawene village. The mill is certified organic, although we did not purchase the certificate for this particular lot. They go to great lengths to register every small farmer who they buy from and certify that organic agricultural practices are being employed at the farm level (they're also Rain Forest Alliance and UTZ certified). The farm and outgrowers are growing Ethiopian heirlooms and altitude ranges from just under 2000 meters to 2100 meters above sea level.






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